On Tap

by The Damn Tracks

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(c) 2012 by The Damn Tracks All Rights Reserved.


released 26 February 2013

Recorded at Melody Lane Studios by Erik Schillerstrom
Cover art design by The Front Coast



all rights reserved


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The Damn Tracks Chicago, Illinois

The Damn Tracks are a punk rock and roll 3 piece from Chicago, IL. The band formed in 2012 releasing their first EP "On Tap" in November of the same year. They're a mix of 90's punk such as Face to Face mixed with more new-school influences such as The Copyrights with a sprinkling of good ole fashioned in your face rock n' roll. ... more

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Track Name: Had to Be You
Had to Be You
Cause it had to be you
Had to be you

Can’t you see that there is writing on the wall and I’ll have peace when this is dead
Can’t you figure out the rest was up to you when it’s gone when it’s gone it’s all gone


Can’t you see that there is writing on the wall and you slit my wrist and wrote it in blood
With your lies and your lies and your lies and you put them there
You wrote them in stone

Track Name: Angels and Saints
Angels and Saints
All the times we lived for something, the odds were always against us
And we’ll all try and meet somebody there and get out while the getting makes us young
We’ll all die in 25 were not of angels or born of saints
And though we’ve all got a long, long way to run we’ll make it all the same
Track Name: Modern Day Cold War
Modern Day Cold War
Sittin’ around I let the world go by
I think too much I think too much I think too much about what’s been going wrong
And I hate this place I hate the world and I live
I hate this city and what it gives
I use my friends to keep me strong

It’s a modern day cold war

I realize now I was once like you,
Arrogant and self-assured until your iron fist came crashing through the wall.
Your static eyes lit up the night,
I pulled my body from your fire,
We watched this city burn again!
Track Name: Shut Your Mouth
Shut Your Mouth
Shut your mouth you’re the enemy
You don’t care what I gotta say
Shut your mouth you’re the enemy
Don’t give a fuck what I gotta say

Whoa oh
Track Name: Margaret!
Saw you at the bar last night it was pretty alright
Talked about work and your job and you’re doing alright
So we sat at the bar and we finished our drinks and we got real crazy
You took off without warning and I sang

You’re crazy for being alone
Track Name: I'm Not Sorry to Say
I’m Not Sorry To Say
I’m not sorry to say I’ve got nothing to say
Have great friends by my side and I found my own way

Old friends won’t last forever
Even when they swear together
All my friends just want to stay with me
And I don’t want to
Can’t you see
What I see
I don’t want to be alone
But I stay anyway
Cause I want to be alone
Track Name: Mesmerizing
You might be mesmerizing but I know we’re never going to make it out a live
Your eyes they’re hypnotizing but I know they are fake and I can see past your disguise

You took my hand and walked away and I’m never going to live that way again
You said we’d live fast and die young and we would never feel the pain
You took my hand and turned around and I’m never going to see tomorrow
We walked the path of least resistance and we’ll make it there someday
But at least I got these great friends and we’re going to drink beer until we forget what to do about you
Track Name: Real Friends Never Die
Real Friends Never Die
You stood by for the longest time
We said no hellos no we said no goodbyes
We walked the streets with no hands to hold
We never looked back no we never got older
Then the day that we left
The day that we sold all our hopes and our dreams for a shot of rock and roll
And now our days go by and our years get older
Our nights get warmer and our beers get colder

And if the world stops turning and you’re caught in the end
I’ll be so damn thankful that I kept you my friend
And if the world stops turning and you’re caught in the end
I’ll be so fucking thankful that I kept you my friend

This life or the next
I’m still your friend
The world’s not smaller
There’s just less in it in the end

The end of our time
The end of our moment
We went our own ways when we kicked up the pavement
I thought it was shitty
I thought it unlucky
When we left for Chicago and went in stayed in Kentucky
I knew in the end that when we all went home
We’d have each other we were never alone
And in a world without reason a world lost in rhyme
We have our six strings and now we’re playing all the time

Track Name: Down Below
Down Below

And at least I had you here today
Pull your back up off the floor
And I hope to have you here tomorrow
We have the whole world left to see
And if you don’t love me I’ll go down below down below and sink
We’ll sink

Down Below
All my friends are down below
Cause you never really wanna know
You don’t know no you don’t know so go on just leave me

Down below
All I am is down below
And all we dream are Friday night’s big city lights
Drinks enough to wash out all our wounds

Track Name: Set Fire to the Reign/Mississippi Love
Set Fire to the Reign
I set fire to the reign
I set fire everyday
I set fire to your no good fucking face

Mississippi Love
When I was younger, younger than the rest
I never fought for all the people I loved best
So if they leave me leave me leave me alone
I still have on these walking shoes Chicago’s just a couple hours away

So don’t hesitate to come by my front door
You’ve got a place to crash if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor
It’s just you and me and Mississippi love alright
Drinks on me cause the city is ours tonight

When I was older, older than my best friend
I fell for a woman that I hope to never see again
So leave me leave me leave me the fuck alone
I still have on these runnin’ shoes
Real friends just a couple miles away


I’m sick and tired of waiting for the wrong bus
Got 16 blocks to go and I just want to make it home
To call you call you call you on the phone
Your place is just a couple blocks from mine